No paying for overtime when another employee is available.

Have you ever been in this situation? It’s first thing in the morning. Coffee in hand, you sit down and pick up the phone to check your messages. Right away, you hear Deb’s voice saying, “I’m sick and can’t come in today.” The next message is John saying there’s a family emergency. You immediately start shuffling paper and trying sort out the day. Five minutes on the job and you’re stressed and feeling behind.

ScheduleCare lets you enjoy your coffee in the morning. Even with Deb being sick and John having an emergency. Why? Because our system gathers all the information and lets you know who’s available. The prioritized list is easy to read. You can quickly run your eyes down it, make your decision and start calling. It even adds up hours so you don’t have to.

Less hours spent on grievances.

Grievances are a lot of stress, hassle, and cost. You’ll have less headache and less costs with ScheduleCare because we guide you through the process, providing sorted information as to which employees can be called. We also keep track of calls made offering shifts to employees.

Last minute changes are easy to do and easy to communicate.

Last minute changes are done in minutes. When someone cancels, you just click and a list of available staff is already prioritized for you. Just a few clicks and the change is made and updated in your schedule and also in your doorman kiosk. The staff will always know what the latest schedule is.

Holiday schedules are easy to plan because historical information is at your finger tips.

Do you alternate staff working holidays? Have you had to search for paper or electronic files, checking names against employee lists, and cursing how long this takes? This information is easy to access with ScheduleCare. Just open the schedule and you’ll see who was on duty. All the data you need is in one place.

No scratching your head and wondering who made that change.

Have you ever not known how a change was made? Or had your boss say, “Who did that?”

We keep a detailed history of who did what and when. That means when changes are made, you’ll know who’s responsible and when those changes were made. You have a complete history back to the creation of the schedule. It’s easy to get the information the decision makers are asking for.

No lost data or misplaced records.

We have a redundant system with professionally hosted servers which means your information is safe.  Server maintenance and backups are our responsibility, not yours. You can relax and not worry.

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