How It Works

It’s an easy-to-use staff scheduling system.

Our customers say that ScheduleCare saves them time, removes headaches, and eliminates many clerical and staffing errors.

You’ll find that the ScheduleCare software powerfully helps you with your scheduling needs by automatically performing time-saving calculations. You’ll enter the information quickly with no duplication of work in the easy, single-point schedule maintenance system. The system then automatically calculates hours worked for you, as well as leaves taken at the end of each pay period. In addition, you’ll see how much leave has been taken for the year to date. You’ll also receive reports required for payroll and human resource management.

General Setup

Are you worried about switching systems because of the hassle? With ScheduleCare, you don’t have to worry because we’ll take charge of the transition for you. We’ll port your data, train your staff, and help you every step of the way.

But what about your special needs? ScheduleCare can be tailored to your facility – either by yourself or us. You’ll be able to easily enter your specific union, government and in-house rules regarding scheduling. You’ll also enter  specific information on each employee. And if you want, we can take care of this for you.

The result is an easy, smooth transition where you can concentrate on learning this easy-to-use system. No hair-pulling. But a whole lot of smiles.

Master Schedules

The General Setup is done. Now you enter your staffing needs. Our system will automatically calculate the weekly hours by worker category. This means you’ll have a much faster and easier time planning proper staffing levels. Then you enter your master rotations. Our system will flag all occasions where staffing is short, over, or where an employee is being asked to work in a way s/he does not prefer. You’ll find that changes to existing master rotations are effortless because our intelli-tools guide you along the way.


You’ll find scheduling a lot easier with ScheduleCare. When you want to start a schedule, you select the start date and a schedule is automatically generated from the master rotation. What if you have to find a replacement worker? That’s easy because you’ve got an automatic replacement list that puts the most appropriate candidates at the top. Then once you post the schedule, any modifications due to absences and leaves are entered in a simple process that then automates hours worked and leaves taken. It’s a great feeling to know you’re properly staffed. Imagine not having to do calculations or wonder if you’re over or under.

Hourly Data and Payroll

A major time saving element of our system is its ability to calcluate all the hours of leave and work at different rates, including shift differentials, shift premiums and overtime.  Have a complicated system?  Spend a lot of hours calculating the time cards from the schedule? We take this hassle from you because the rules you use to build the time sheets can be customized for each department and each employee group. You’ll have an automatically calculated running tally of the running total, as well as number of hours of leave used. The payroll staff will love you because the reports are in a format that they can understand. If your payroll system includes an import facility, ScheduleCare can build a custom export for you. You can easily see how both payroll and HR will appreciate how the system maintains accurate records.

Doorman Kiosk

Our doorman kiosk helps you make sure that your schedule matches the actual work. It’s an employee communication tool. It keeps employees up to date with scheduling changes and always provides the most recent schedule. Typically placed at the staff entrance, all employees have their own access codes. We can even work with you to develop custom solutions to make use of your existing door access cards or biometrics.

The doorman system validates the schedule, making sure that the information in your schedule is totally accurate. This means that payroll will be happy because they won’t have readjustments.


You’ll find the reports center amazingly useful. You’ll have a detailed picture of each scheduled period in terms of hours worked by each category of employee and explanatory notes. Some of the reports you can easily run are:

  • doorman (shows data collected at doorman kiosk together with the schedule data, indicating any areas of discrepancy requiring your attention or adjustments),
  • staffing ratio,
  • seniority,
  • replacement,
  • payroll,
  • daily assignment sheet,
  • employee availability, and
  • more.

We can even add custom reports so all you have to do is select the report and run it.

The bottom line

You don’t have to wish for a better system any more. Imagine a system that lets you know you’re understaffed. And then let’s you know who is available to fill that spot. And even prioritizes the staff list. Email all eligible employees about an opening by just clicking one button. And have one great report after another already prepared for you. Human resources will love you. The Director of Finance will be pleased because of easier and more accurate budgeting and financial management. And the administrator will love how ScheduleCare helps your facility run more smoothly which means better resident care. Best of all, it’s cost effective.

Sound like something that could benefit your company?  Contact us today for a free consultation because you want to find out more about how you can save time scheduling and gain increased accuracy with ScheduleCare.


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